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Zero without funds only, founded the software company in Canada from personal connections zero, it is a blog that will record the like continue to operate.

I can get a Canadian permanent residency in November 2008, in earnest emigrated to Vancouver of Canada from Japan in March 2009, has been engaged in the work of software development at a major mobile phone manufacturers from the same year in June But, for that to work in companies (especially large companies) product has been reaffirmed that are physiologically weak, and then decided to entrepreneurial independence.

Previously only three years in Canada, yet only that it was working in travel company of Japanese, connection of the software industry in Canada will start zero, and capital from zero as possible.

Since such intention to take while continuing a salaryman for a while, securing of human resources at low cost, connection of the acquisition, and to always motto surplus management aimed at zero cost, and how get along really well, and if Kudasare watching over I think.

Established methods and of the company in Canada in the blog, economic conditions in Canada (especially State BC), I think you would like to post mix also weave such as the author's employment experiences and everyday events.

December 31, 2008

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