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March 14

Until now, I used to make business cards uncool black-and-white for the time being, but had asked for a company of Japanese business cards made with layout yourself at design with a decent.

The business card I received today in the house via a friend (because was not able to get ships to Canada from Japan, I had sent from there to send it to a friend's house).

I get made based on it by editing the image on your PC, but it does not become a quite the same that you would see on the screen. There are times when even something useless Vista Print major.

So, I asked for a company of Japan this time. You can It is perfect. We would let the operating activities in the remainder of cool business card.

By the way business card that could be is such.

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3 Responses to "business card arrived"

  1. Says good one.:

    Long time no see. It was getting warmer Oita. It is the beauty of Chicago. It is business card good. I feel the weight to the fact Moteru business cards of your own company. I am allowed to pray for the success of Shin.

  2. . 2 Spiral Software CEO Says:


    Long time no see. Thank you for your comment.

    Mood, too has changed to have a business card. Now, we are working hard with me a project of the WEB development little by little. Thank you in the future.

  3. . 3 Nat Says:

    Long time no see. It is a software QA working in Cloverdale. Person of the company, how do? Business card, it is looks awesome. Signature of Email too? Are you elaborate like this?

    Ahead the release of firmware and software, and it is busy processing the Bug still (sweat), it is fun with a series of new discoveries every day because it is in beta in the company working me.

    Like when you find that secret network signal of the wireless controller is weakened at lunch that was the microwave oven used in the Lunch Room (laughs)

    It is fun (laughs) in such a feeling or grinning and waving to the sensor many times and impressed to programming with the input of the motion detector! !

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