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January 01

Happy New Year! Thank you again this year.

Establishment of the Corporation of Canada is very easy. Money does not take the most.

※ The following describes the (cost) and the procedure of LTD established in the province of BC (BC Company).

1. Reservation of Company Name (Company Name Request): $ 30 (+ $ 1.50 service charge)
2. Creation of Incorporation Agreement: $ 0
3. Creating the Company's Articles: $ 0
4. Online registration: $ 350 (+ $ 1.50 service charge)

Of these, I will make the documents each 2 and 3, but it is not a problem as of the templates that are available in most cases.

Check whether there is any company with the same name in the BC, name request one reserves for 56 days its name. And examine whether there is the name, to make a name request actually site of BC Corporate Registry Use.

※ The name of the BC Company, not only that there is no company with the same name already exists in the BC, there are certain rules in naming. Please refer to the site (above) for more details.

When you make a payment to the Registrar of Companies $ 350 online at 4, your corporation will result in the establishment at that moment. It is a breeze. Additional costs it takes to specify the date of the establishment rather than on that day.

Well, at the time of registration of the company, the company address is required. To start as a small business so there is no money to rent my office. In addition, (I think that there is such Terms Rent most in BC) and it is a contract that can not be used in business apartment home.

In such a case, what would you do to address the company? I think you want to explain to the next method.

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