I received a business card I have to find a sales manager in Japan
March 30,

It will be updated after a long time, I would spend how you?

A month and a half has passed since quit now gets iterated once more in the hope Nokia. It is a day that take a long time to get the ROE (documents like proof of employment), but does not receive unemployment benefits yet, a part-time job to come get a little work of his own company, while doing the there .

Now, are you doing in the Spiral Software development is the additional functionality of the site of Japan, two projects are in the same client will also be after it. Worry about life for a while if these are unlikely to be going well.

When I think about it now, did we supposed to stop Nokia at the beginning of last month, as I am, but it was a disappointing result, I will be the result of focus in earnest the work of his company so, rather I think whether it is not of recent was good at this.

Also a part-time job you're doing twice a week, as the amount of income has is what the extent that earns drink money, I'm I enjoyed heartily, so work can be in contact with the audience various.

Since part-time work where the audience has been fairly successful in Vancouver attracts many are expected to tell the truth or to the connection there. The other day, I got a story for building WEB sites that immediately, I'm happy to cooperate a little bit from the planning stage. I think I do not know yet Can you actually leave the development, and should be going well.

Vancouver cherry trees are starting to bloom little by little. It is spring just around the corner. I hope that the weather will get better soon, who also increased temperature. And then I want to go to camp!

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