I came to find a sales manager in Japan Notepad + + (text editor)
July 21

Posted this a long time. I do not have much relationship with the company ....

There 's when there sometimes, need to know the IP address of their own, but How do you in such a case?

I think Dattari page completely different, with or there are times when a lot of trouble to go to Google, looking for such sites to be mined its own IP address to put a search keyword, and you open the page of the digger. To want to finish in an instant easy thing Nantes only examine the IP · · ·.

Therefore, we have created a page by removing extra information for use on your own just to display the IP address of you, please try to use it when necessary if. So easy to remember very URL, it is a point to see that IP immediately if hit directly to the address bar.

IP address check:

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