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August 28

It is 12 years now gets iterated once more in the hope to be engaged in the work of software development. About six years, two years at home (semi-neat w), 4 years in Canada in Japan.

Will it place and one year a matter of fact because the Japanese companies Canada 4 the year three years. Have you ever found in many a year.

The primary difference is the character code first. JIS / SHIFT-JIS / EUC, is not a Japanese code in the Japanese code, but there is such UTF-8/UTF-16 that can be used is Japanese, so it's'll need to process these when developing software . It is now much easier thanks to the UTF-8 these days, I've been struggling with well in the encoding of JIS / SHIFT-JIS / EUC per the old days.

Further, (it is necessary to correspond yourself) or it must wait until the corresponding for example if you want to use the latest version, such as open source software, are not compatible with Japanese and that also many It was.

However, because it is good to not have to worry at all, such as the character code, it is very easy in this place. I can use it immediately also the latest version of the software.

I'm thinking skill level of software developers is,'s top at all prefer Japan. Enough to be amazed every time I see the code written by programmers over here, I mean coding a poor hand, did you receive a professional education really? People (and you can be in the major software such as BCIT and UBC if and only those people in fact to do w or manager in the company of. Certain mobile phone giant w) are many in here I. Person was or was Chinese or Indian I Na amazing once in a while. Some people can be very in, of course, but everywhere it is the same it. It is the story of the overall level.

But I now think of recently are not in a position advantage in software is Japan, and wonder if the problem of the language. For example, in the car, such as appliances and, while there is a big name and a global Toyota · Honda and SONY · Panasonic, it is none of the software. I hope that you get over the threshold of the language someday, software de facto standard of the departure from Japan is born.

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  1. . 1 TAJI Says:

    His has SE in the company of financial system is now Tokyo.
    I am away from Program for a while, but they are application design & Development.

    Among them also.

  2. . 2 Nik Edmiidz Says:

    To make a software de facto standard, the innovation need. . . I think rather than coding neat, innovation is born from hacking solutions irresponsible to some extent.
    In my experience, companies that cultivate this really is less.

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