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September 01

Since more than 90% of the development projects to be commissioned is a Web application that runs on the Linux server, I purchased and built a Linux server for development.

Although it is Linux distributions, previously but I was using well Redhad / Fedora, recently because there are many opportunities to use Debian, you chose Debian.

And was touched for the first time the Linux It was a student that went to vocational school of software. With the version 4 of Red Hat to your PC, and you remembered that the had been struggling to master. After all, to the installation, by operating the X Window System until connect to the Internet, and I think that it took about a month. I would have purchased over several tens of thousand yen a C / C ++ language compiler for Windows for learning, is a nostalgic time the various languages ​​of the compiler on Linux has impressed on the fact that available for free.

Currently is overwhelmingly constructed of Linux server Compared to those days became easier. Basic Installation Boot the installation CD, network configuration, various server applications, we would be finished in less than 30 minutes to install and configure the various development tools. and (although not so server applications X put)

The server of the world is the Linux that has established a position, but it still is on the desktop of the world unfortunately. Such a thing saying that yourself are using Windows Vista at home is because there is a need to use absolutely the Microsoft Office office applications.

Open To proceed with as Office can use in the same way as a little more MS Office (or if accustomed to the user to select the Open Office and Google Docs away the MS Office), coming up even position in the Linux desktop market I am I think not. It is economical will be buy cheap Windows and MS Office license fees minute (several hundred US dollars) PC If that happens.

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