Construction and purchase of Linux development server if you want to use a different signature for each multiple accounts in Gmail
August 9

E-mail address for their company three, I use primarily for personal e-mail address and the email address of the five e-mail address and now, the company has worked as a salaryman.

Previously I was using the e-mail client called Thunderbird or Becky!, E-mail client must be installed on your PC like this is inconvenient came out can not be used in cases such as road and travel destination.

Now we are using Gmail so.

In addition to the main mail account @, you can add a POP3 account in Gmail. You can manage all email accounts using the WEB client of Gmail, means that you are using. Wherever you are, even if the Internet, you can check for work-personal, if all of this mail.

The following is a procedure for adding a POP account to Gmail.

· To log in to Gmail

• Click the "Settings" in the upper right corner, click on the "Accounts and Import"

• Click the "Add a mail account for POP3" "Check messages using POP3"

• Click the "next steps" to enter your e-mail address in a separate window

• Perform various settings for POP3 server, such as passwords

• To make the settings for sending you click the "Next Step"

• Set the "Email" address "name" for sending

• Click the "Send Verification"

This will be repeated for an additional minute e-mail address above. I think "when receiving a message" there is, and it might be better to set the "from address to reply you receive an e-mail" in the Account Settings screen.

Setting is over. You can now manage just Google the email address of the WEB interface of all this happily.

People who have their own domain, you can use the mail server even further those of Google. If this happens, simply take the domain cost (about $ 9 per year), the server is free of charge. How to set this up I'll write you a chance to.

Incidentally, Gmail, but it had been the display of the beta version (at least 5 years) for a long time, I've noticed recently that the beta version of that view is missing.

If you look, the display of the beta version seems to have been removed from the following Google Apps.

Google Docs
Google Calendar
Google Talk

Looks good I think I was lodged Rashiki problem is not a problem even when there was a display of the beta version, and was able to use the more reliable.

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"Managing e-mail account for all of the work for private-Gmail" 2 Responses to

  1. Says one can be stopped.:

    What it's useful Gmail. .
    He or inconvenient when you go out because it uses a different company name and address personal address e-mail of the company because of work but now seen in OWA> <
    I'll try with> <

  2. . 2 Spiral Software CEO Says:

    But things have changed and Post Pet → Thunderbird Outlook Express → Becky! → only for a moment, I feel completely calm in Gmail.

    It's not a beta anymore, I did not have a problem even when the beta but with a few more years, Yo can be used with confidence.

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