All of the e-mail account for the private for-work management in Gmail began CRM system ASP service
September 11

Previous article in, I wrote how to manage all the e-mail account for the private for-work in Gmail.

In this way, but all mail account for work for private can now be managed by Gmail WEB interface, signature in Gmail may not be able to set only one, that one of the signature is inserted into all mail is will be. It is not possible to switch to each account.

For example, when you create a mail for work, it is where you want the ability to add a signature who wrote the information of the company in advance made by automatic it to the end of a sentence. But I do not want to put such your hard signature in the mail to send to friends.

Thunderbird and Outlook, is always a basic function of that to set a signature for each ordinary E-mail client in the case if each e-mail address, such as OutlookExpress, but this is not why the Gmail.

Therefore, we will introduce here since found a way to become instead.

Gmail additional features plug-ins specific to those, there is a thing called "Labs". Use well the "canned responses (Canned Response)" here and there.

Log in to the · Gmail

• Click the "Settings" in the upper right corner, and then click the "Labs"

- "Canned response" to enable, and then save the changes to the button at the bottom of the screen.

- Describes the signing of preference in the "Create a mail" as the mail text.

Al from the "canned response" under the "save," "create a canned response ..." is selected, and save your favorite name.

When writing a mail, select the "Insert" in the "canned response" in a place where you want to insert the signature

Now you will be able to insert your favorite signature that was created previously in the mail.

Gmail it is that the best and me to correspond to a plurality of signatures, but you think it up do not feel the inconvenience and once you get used in this way. Please try.

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