Economy of Canada, or was picked up soon ... Also worsening unemployment rate,
November 06

Yesterday's article I just wrote that in, it was down the unemployment rate in Canada is the first time since the fall of last year, the unemployment rate seems had further increased in US country next door.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics According to the unemployment rate in October and 10.2 percent, mark ... the record since 1983.

I 10.2%, it means that one or more people are unemployed to 10 people. In addition, people who are receiving or who have surpassed in part-time job for the time being EI the (unemployment benefits) because not included in this figure, that many people are in need of jobs actually is much will be.

American economy because it led the world after all, this global recession might not recover quite economy of individual countries is not me is somehow. Let's hope that there is something bright topic in the United States economy.

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