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November 16

Before last article in, but I wrote the Canada and BC's unemployment rate has dropped, it was moved up again in the statistics of Statistics Canada announced this month 6th.

0.2 percent in the whole Canada rose by 8.6%, has become even 8.3 percent whopping 0.9 percent even if the rise in the BC.

Latest release from the Labour Force Survey (Statistics Canada)

EA also seems to make the layoffs of 1,500 people, perhaps not yet the unemployment rate quite well.

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2 Responses to "unemployment rate, also worse ..."

  1. 1. Shinya Says:

    N ~, anywhere it does not quite recover the economy in together.

    Last week the lottery (50M) and to also not hit. . .

  2. 2. Spiral Software CEO Says:

    Excuse me in very slow reply. It was no longer able to access the blog management screen.

    In the employment statistics of the March announcement, some in the whole Canada, it seems was seen decent recovery of the employment situation in the BC. Well it might be a short-term economy of the Olympic Games, but ....

    I do not have it hit lottery.

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