I Procedure of the Corporation founded in Canada, BC was the company founded
January 02

To begin a small business, or become the first of the wall would not be in the office of the rent?

Such as the renting an office in downtown you will need some of the funds. You can also offices that rent is only one desk in the office rather than a whole, but it will be several hundred US dollars alone it.

In addition, but also considered how to make home to the company's address, if you live in a rental property such as an apartment or condo, I think that there is a high possibility that is that you can not commercial use in the contract. And would take its own way of taxes and commercial use even in the case of owner-occupied housing.

So I would like to consider using the virtual office becomes service. (It is called Toka Toka Virtual Office Mail Services)

By using this service, you can rent an address in downtown Vancouver in just about the tens of dollars a month. And, will there be notified by mail when the mail arrives.

Office itself of course does not rent, but the meeting room if necessary because the rent for a small fee, it would be perfect for small business home work can be in the main.

I was borrowed Vancouver downtown address and (Richards Street) a mail box in the month $ 25. + $ 5 also borrow FAX number (if FAX comes it is converted to the image will be sent by e-mail). In addition, although there over the phone reception is also an option, this is quite price-consuming like.

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"To get a business address without renting an office for the company?" 2 Responses to

  1. 1. Kim Says:

    It is our always read to.
    It is amazing to have been firmly study. It is also expected research.
    I do not have is the sudden, but there is one question.
    Why, do you have been to the company?
    Than was good for even a personal business?
    're Interested in benefits is better to the company?
    If you do not mind, please let me know.

  2. . 2 Spiral Software CEO Says:

    I'm sorry in the late reply. You will not put in a blog management screen, also it was not even there can accommodate busyness.

    Certainly nowadays, might there are more people who are active in the freelance not made such as a company, I reason that has been in the company, (but more on the forehead) Income tax in BC is lower than the income tax of individuals , because that can be tax saving rather than business in personal business.

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