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January 07

I hope I made the company, there are a lot of things to do from there

Bank opening of business account in

Business account will be required to turn off the check of the company.

Was examined lightly, is "CIBC Business Operating Account" is yo unlikely cheap a variety of fee of CIBC. Since individuals have the PC Financial accounts of CIBC series It's something so convenient.

I branch tried in the immediate vicinity of the house, and I think the kana convenient place where you are vacant on the weekend as a salaried worker entrepreneur, was to Kerrisdale branch close from the house have free Saturday also.

Establishment of the Payroll account in · CRA

In order to pay the salaries and remuneration, CRA (Canada Revenue Agency: IRS like a s) You must create a Payroll account. So-called income tax and pension, it is the account that manages the deduction of employment insurance. We do not do not examine in the near also Toka way of calculation of these deductions.

· Company created homepage

Now, we ask them to create a design of the company website for those of WEB designers. Anyway homepage fact, I have already installed, but the ones that I have made on their own for personal business, design does not publish because obviously cheesy w.

• Creating a business card

This I made with Vista Print the time being of things also, but I'm going to make things After also was properly can Toka company logo.

Telephone preparation of line

I've thought that either provide a fixed telephone line for the company, contact basically work and I believe than not used very often because I think E-mail is the main.

So do dispense with mobile (cheap plan of Toka FIDO), it is being considered or would spoofing the mobile you are using now individuals speaking more. Now because already has two mobile for yourself and for work (Nokia), you do not want to have three.

I have a lot to unless should not do, we will promote Good luck little by little.

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