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January 11

In order to pay for various expenses you can write the company a check, because it requires a business account, I have met the person in charge to take an appointment at the branch of CIBC in yesterday Kerrisdale.

I had to immediately close to the CIBC branch also house, we chose the branch of this Kerisuderu that is also open Saturday.

Kerrisdale branch to no crowded's a pretty and widely, such as in the waiting room also comfortable (wonder if because it was a Saturday?), I think I chose the good place. It is good to hear even spatially.

CIBC Small Business Operating Account is, cheap and various fees compared with those of other banks, I think facing the street Small business name. But, such as it takes monthly fee and to use a bank card and online banking, if you perform frequent deposits and withdrawals at non-check the account might be a better alternative account.

Since the details of the account opening is was written in the bank's home page, the person in charge had been surprised if you performed aligned to fill all, including application forms. And it has finished in about 5 minutes, thanks. Next week I met once again on Saturday, it is so account is opened at that time.

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