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January 14

In fact, I was up a company is not the first time.

In July 2006, we established a certain company in Japan joint investment and joint management of the two friends. Friend so I do almost all founded, aware that his own company is was small as Spiral Software of this time.

There is a professional with two, and which it will do within reason each position as office workers, it was "on the side of entrepreneurship" so to speak.

The company operates more than two years, profits were also up decent time. I think to have growth in the future if your best bet.

However, amount of work went more instead of become profitable. It is now that the work of his company is out of hand from around entering the Nokia, resigned as representative in December last year as a result, will be retired.

It's not profit that I should go up. I think more than you have decided to do within a range that does not appear reasonable, it lost If you work too hard to be profitable even if how much, and would be a failure. Because it because we could not be achieved and that's going to do within reason while having a day job, a purpose that defines their own.

We think that it is possible to make a profit well while protecting the 8-hour clock that I wrote earlier article, and if we can manage to work Spiral Software this time.

written by Spiral Software CEO
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