Not repeated failure of previous business account has been created
January 16

It had set up a home page for the time being that have been used on personal business until now, but has decided to publish this time, the home page so was completed officially.

Spiral Software Inc website

The preparation of the home page, and asked to create a design to Megumi's Web designer has been a internship in Vancouver. Megumi-san, thank you for the great design. W I'm sorry to put the order in various ways.

The next goal is to start the ASP · hosting business by the end of the month. Default since the end arrange already server, and review of fee structure, preparation of credit settlement, such as the home page of another business for you will need the rest.

Run eight-hour wonder if difficult for a while ....

By the way, a press release was published in such a number of sites such as:.



Entrepreneurship SNS:

release jam:

Venture plus: spiral Software Co., Ltd. /

written by Spiral Software CEO
Home Page: Http://Spiral-software.Com/

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