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January 19

The procedures for opening business accounts (corporate account) in Kerrisdale branch of CIBC last Saturday, account was actually opened on Saturday this week.

Compared with personal accounts, there are significant limitations to function business account.

• The (monthly usage fee will be applied at the option To be usable) Can not use the ATM bank card

- Deposits and withdrawals can not only branch that has been signed up

, A fee will be applied at every transaction

-Account maintenance fee is applied always

Let's find a new thing that'll keep fees where it can be taken After you from banks, a variety of fee will be taken at various places fairly.

It is no choice because the business Well. I think still account of CIBC that he is relatively cheaper compared with other banks.

By business account could be, it is now can be done check in the name of the company (check) the payment of expenses such as salaries and finally. I believe following, and wonder if I could say such as the company or change the name of the car. I am now examining whether it is especially in the tangle of insurance.

It is hoped that the kana have to wear your own knowledge of accounting relationship of minimum afterward. Nowadays that you think or let also received in the course of the accounting of college.

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  1. . 1 shinichi Says:

    Hi there I ask them to look fun blog.
    I came from the bulletin board of JP Canada.

    It is a required knowledge of accounting, but I also so have a background in accounting work in the company of now, you may be able to help if you do not mind.

    I did not even knowledge of bookkeeping in Japan, but it is not so difficult if you have begun to do.
    About ten employees, I also did accounting at school of about 60 people currently teacher.
    Because I live in the downtown, please contact us if you are interested.

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