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January 21

I am working (up to May 2009 from June 2008) contract with Nokia now, but I decided to quit horse is will not fit at all with the manager. For more personal blog my please refer to.

And established a company in this month, but if you quit this time Nokia, seems there is entitlement to unemployment insurance benefits. However, this is unconfirmed, but the amount of the allowance is like would decrease a little to have the company.

To pay the monthly premiums EI in order to receive the qualification, you must have worked 910 hours or more in the past year, but I have to clear both this.

However, what one worry is the reason of when to quit. So that you do not stop yourself from me because if you quit from yourself, even if you get fired, unemployment does not appear in the case of dismissal, etc. or there is a fault in myself.

How do I make to make me stop my unemployment benefits to come out well here .... I'll try to think of things. I wonder if I think you should talk to the agent.

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