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February 04

We founded the company, but does not do anything by himself, was recruited WEB WEB designers and developers who could cooperate in the contract base.

The guidelines for applicants, so go about doing offshore development that target Japan, that Japanese is fluent first, first conditions. And I put the recruitment to write the necessary items, respectively.

I was expecting more of the Japanese Na will contact us with a lot I'm sure, but gave me a contact just Canadians ... fact.

It is a place you want to think it would be Canadian who can speak Japanese of course. But it's us to describe the skills and excellent their own advantages in various ways in the cover letter or your e-mail, but I did not write anything about the Japanese.

When I hear "Japanese is? Do you can how much" in reply of course, answer "Well ..., and! I will let you if you studied it but. Kana do not know so much to tell you the truth," such as that gathered everyone .... I would think can not I not 's you do not know so much you ... What I can be if you study it because it's obvious, and Kotaero that it can not gracefully.

Japanese people that gave me a contact, is why can Japanese course, if asked, for example, that it is not possible at the application guidelines of the other, I answer honestly that it "can not".

More people who say that it is not possible you can not like the person who the Japanese this time is reliable to me I like, but the people (maybe yea) and being able to even if you can not Canadians maybe But it might take if there is confidence.

This I guess cultural differences. It is hoped that the fact that to know the difference to these, and may also be useful to go live in Canada, or it may be that becomes necessary understanding of this kind of culture in the business.

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"Difference of how to sell their Canadian and Japanese" 4 Responses to

  1. . 1 mana Says:

    My cousin has a job hunting in third grade university.
    I'm under the foreign hotels, but when I write my skills humbly like a Japanese still, it seems fall is also the place to pass.
    I might sometimes Japanese honest person I fall in foreign capital to not know the difference of culture.

  2. . 2 Spiral Software CEO Says:


    Thank you for comment.

    It might be true When it is foreign capital. I think that he should understand the culture of Japanese human personnel of foreign capital, as long as doing business in Japan. And to become think that you miss go to waste an excellent human resources for them, otherwise. However, time it will take still more to it.

  3. . 3 Nat Says:

    Hi there It is a Canadian of Japan raised.

    College here in (BCIT) student, I would pass the exam to interview the company's now on campus, I am working as a Software QA now. The interview (but I also did a Japanese translation actual name only) classmates of Canadians have received about 30 people, one person I have I have I passed luckily (laughs)

    I think was told not decorated yourself honestly is than was good as I heard and performance experience, and skills, it was also written in the above blog.

    Can you contact us if you are seeking contract Job of Proof Reader translation, or if PS?

  4. . 4 Spiral Software CEO Says:


    Thank you for comment.

    Congratulations on your job. The interviewer I guess was a person of good sense. I think I'm also important to self-confidence, but wanted to Tai Idei always honest (no need for me and) so hate lies and bluff.

    It is very encouraging such as translation and proofreading of the Japanese-English, if Moraere help towards the Japanese Canadian. You will be contacted if you have any projects by all means.

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