Difference in their marketing of Canadian and Japanese can be used as office or the main application Google Docs
June 2

I seem to use (Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Access) Microsoft Office in most companies. I think that this software is now considered to be essential and.

However, this software is expensive. If you try to buy the number of $ 100 would normally (in the Standard $ 299.99, with the price of Professional Future Shop for $ 689.99). Expenses that have been diligently saving the company from the establishment until now, the cause of puffy stretch in only one software and it will not talk.

I decided to use the OpenOffice.org Therefore, (W is now one person I can say) in the Spiral Software.

  • Office software that integrates the presentation, etc. Database draw word processor or spreadsheet
  • I was able to get it for free, freely available
  • Microsoft Office interoperability and high
  • Adopted (1.1-1.2) OpenDocument file format standard
  • Developed and published a policy of open source

For details of the OpenOffice.org site to.

There was that the company was working before, we promoted the use of OpenOffice stop using Microsoft Office as part of cost-cutting, on issues such as do not show documents made with Microsoft Office is in exactly the same way in OpenOffice There was that was forced to return to the use of Microsoft Office after all.

I have a few more years since then, I seem to have evolved considerably even OpenOffice. I think I'll try to do my best in a while OpenOffice.

written by Spiral Software CEO
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  1. Google Docs is the main application I use as an office | entrepreneurship blog Canada Says:

    In a previous article [...], I was introduced as an alternative to the free OpenOffice.org Microsoft Office software is expensive. [...]

"I decided to use the OpenOffice.org Microsoft Office is expensive" One Response to

  1. . 1 IT Samurai Says:

    Thank you, nice to meet you. Is IT Samurai. Sorry for the name of a solid handle as if the Chinese had named. After all, it was their company name in Canada ...
    Organized blog, you will be close to imitate people also rich blog content.
    Nde consulting with SharePoint in their destination, does not it? - I find it useful for MS Office. I was talking to colleagues and friends also have switched to OpenOffice work IBM. Company seems not bought me a license of MS Office, it is a semi-forced. Lotus Symphony is not a place I'm also interesting.
    Please tell me if you were so convenient OOO.
    I am glad when I stop by my blog as well.

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