Microsoft Office was decided to use the so expensive I received a business card
February 09

Previous article in, I was introduced free as Microsoft Office alternative is an expensive software.

Another option, Google Docs and some that. Here because it is WEB interface of the use anywhere without also need installation, also I think that it wonderful to have evolved daily function. Recently, I'd like now presentation document (corresponding to MS-Office of PowerPoint) can use.

Just to inferior still in MS-Office and OpenOffice as a function, and to seems not use script (macro) is also of that not beat the usual application in operability even luck much is now the technology so WEB interface There is a status quo.

In the future, I think there is a possibility that Google Docs is replace the MS-Office and OpenOffice, but I think it still be ahead of things.

I found an interesting article below. Share of office applications, Microsoft Office is 51%, is 5%, GoogleDocs is seems to 1%. It is where reasonable.
OpenOffice five times more popular than Google Docs

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    Meu receio é se o google docs é segura.


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